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Budget AV receiver or soundbar

Budget AV receiver or soundbar

The physical characteristics of sound make it impossible for the tiny built-in speakers of today’s thin TVs to produce rich, powerful sound.

There are a variety of options to enhance the sound in your entertainment room to enjoy audio quality equal to the exceptional picture quality of your TV. Your budget, available space, and how you plan to use your devices determine which technology can best meet your needs:

Why buy a soundbar?

Thanks to 4K, televisions today offer breathtaking picture quality regardless of their screen technology (LCD or OLED). On the sound side, it’s less glorious. A soundbar allows you to correct this gap to better immerse yourself in the picture when watching movies but also sporting events or shows with a guest tray. This equipment is compact since it integrates with a single element the amplifier, several speakers, and even sometimes a speaker dedicated to bass. Some models are placed under the TV, others can be hung on the wall. Installation, in general, is quite simple.

Besides, many soundbars can be used as a wireless speaker or as a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music launched from a smartphone (either streaming or stored on the device).Budget AV receiver or soundbar3

The soundbar and home cinema: what differences?

Home cinema systems, where the receiver is the “heart”, are made up of several distinct elements: an amplifier, satellite speakers (most often 5 or 7), and a subwoofer. These elements are connected by cables, resulting in a laborious and cumbersome installation. The soundbars offer a very good compromise between space and sound quality. They occupy less space and are easier to set up even if, it is true, the quality of reproduction of sound effects does not reach, that of the best budget av receiver.

If you need an audio solution primarily for watching TV rather than watching movies or listening to music, and your space is limited, this choice offers great value for money.

And, if you need a deep sound, manufacturers have flooded the market with 5.1-channel receivers for any budget, allowing consumers to receive surround sound in their living rooms.

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