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What Color Car Is Cheapest On Insurance?

What Color Car Is Cheapest On Insurance?

When you first went to the lot to pick up your car, did the color matter to you? Have you got a car that is the one you have been waiting for?

Have you heard the rumors, or have you been told because you are not going to get inexpensive auto if you are buying a colored car?

According to recent studies, almost 40% of car owners in the GTA claim that the color of their vehicles influences the amount of insurance they pay.

You need to know which color car is cheapest on insurance. That is why it is common to hear so many friends and family members asking you not to drive a certain color of the vehicle.

  • White and Gray vehicles are much less likely to be stolen or in crashes than other car types
  • Red cars get more citations and traffic violations
  • Blue cars get more injuries
  • Black cars are more likely to be stolen.


We still hear tons of information, whether it is real or not, about half of the people tend to believe what they have got.

But the simple reality is that the insurance rate for a specific car type will always be the same regardless of whether it is white, green, purple or red.

So, if insurance companies do not discriminate between the safest car colors for insurance premiums, then what do they take into account?

First and foremost, they should remember both your age and your experience of driving. If you are young with less than a good history of driving, your insurance premiums are likely to be very high, and you cannot find cheap insurance.

The model of vehicle would also have an impact, so your Ford Focus may be a little better priced for you than driving an expensive sports car.

The insurance company will also want to decide if the car is used for commercial purposes? Will you take it to work on a regular basis? How hard are you going to drive it last year?

Many considerations that can influence your insurance rates can be the same choices you chose when you sign up for insurance.

When you get a policy plan, you have the right to pick the deductibles as well as the extra coverage that is open to you.

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