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Way To Use Phone As A Microphone For Computer

Way To Use Phone As A Microphone For Computer

However expensive our machines can be, they lack a high quality microphone. Because microphones are widely used on desktops and notebooks, manufacturers prefer to use low-quality mic in their products.

So, if you want to record any audio on your machine, you need to have a good quality microphone attached to it.

You should still recommend buying a new camera, but do you recommend to use phone as a microphone for computer to record audio on your computer?

It can be used to listen to and capture sounds. The use of this app has increased exponentially with the rise of numerous voice services on the internet, such as video chat and mobile radio.

There are various types of products available on the market. Wired headset microphones are the most common of all headset microphones.

It is most commonly attached to a personal computer. These headsets are very common in the business of contact center.

This is very useful for internet utilities like voice chat and mobile phone because it functions like a regular phone so you can listen and speak at the same time.

There are also Bluetooth headphones available that are used as a cell phone extension. This is extremely helpful during outdoor events, when you have to answer all your calls.

With many various styles of microphone headsets available, one will find it very easy to turn phone into a microphone for PC. Here are suggestions on finding the best model to match your needs.

Sound quality

This applies to the “goodness” of the sound you can hear through the headphones and the sound you can make when talking to the microphone.

As this tool is likely to be used in voice chats, it is very critical that the person you are talking to on the other end can clearly understand what you are doing, and vice versa.

This consideration also requires the minimum and maximum volume of the recorded signal.



This is a very critical aspect. This will decide how good the system is going to operate. This includes the use of applications, communication capacity, mono-stereo settings and other technical considerations.


This device would be worn on the head by consumers, which is why it is really important that it fits properly and comfortably. The headset should not hurt the ears, either.


Since various headset microphone styles are possible, one needs to make sure he is getting what he is paying for.

More certainly, the major online stores would market the cheap ones twice as much. It is recommended that you buy one from a smaller store or an online retailer or a game store.

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